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Naked Clients.

I am not sure how this started but it has become a regular note of appreciation from clients and people who have bought my work. The instagram or other social media image of them with their new acquisition totally or partially naked.


2017 - Arms Around the Child charity show - Motor Gallery, West End, London (exhibitor) - Curated by Lee Sharrock.

2017 - CRASH - Cavendish Square - Group show during Frieze week West End, London W1 - curated by Vanya Balogh

2017 - BOWIE show - Motor Gallery, West End, London (exhibitor)

2016 - Revolution Show - Shoreditch London (curator exhibitor)

2016 - B&W - Group show, Shoreditch, London (curator exhibitor)

2016 - HM90 - Group Show Shoreditch, London (Joint curator)

2016 - STOPJECTIFY - Group Show, Gallery Diffrent, London W1.

2015 - The Cavendish Square - Group show during Frieze week West End, London W1 - curated by Vanya Balogh

2015 - Special guest supporting Rebecca Mason the The Other Art Fair's feature artist - Truman Brewery, London.

2015 - Office Sessions IV - Group show curated by Caitlin Mavrolean. Soho, London

2015 - Art Car Boot Fair - Pop Up Art Sex Shop - Group show the Art Society Soho - Curated by Mr Von Hugo - Brick Lane London & Margate

2015 - Partisan Gallery - Group show, curated by Mr Von Hugo & GUN, Brick Lane, London.

2015 - PLAY>>> - Group Show curated by Sean Worrall. London.

2015 - Venice Biennial - The Fall Of The Rebel Angels Group Show curated by Vanya Balogh and Cedric Christie

2015 - Chinese Open - Group Show. London W1 - curated by Vanya Balogh

2015 - Art Society Soho - Salon

2014 - You Only Live Once (#YOLOART) - Group Show and curator and exhibitor, London

2014 - Cut Up Your Darlings - Group Show 2014 projected on London landmarks over three days - London

2014 The Other Art Fair - Group Show. London.

2013 - Modern Panic - Group show. London.

2013 - Art in mind - Group show. London.


2015 Venice Biennale

Mr Von Hugo was exhibiting at the 2015 Venice Biennale with the 'Rebel Angels' a group of select British artists for the duration of the Biennale.

Castello 1610/A Riva Dei Sette Martiri Venezia 30122

Vivat Regina - Plate steel and enamel.


Making an exhibition of himself in a Soho toilet

Exhibiting ones work outside of the traditional gallery system is always a challenge, but Von Hugo likes a challenge and had no compulsion in taking a disused and rank abandoned Soho toilet as a pop up exhibition space in 2015. Converting the very fabric of the space into a ranting, pondering and faux philosophizing canvas upon which his work was arranged.

Just ask the question! 'Is it art?'

His work combines the unnerving and disquieting approaches of propaganda and brand which he purposely filters through a lens of nostalgia to give his work a seductive and infectious veneer that leads us gently by the hand to confront our fears, anxieties and point out to us our loss of free choice.

He exploits our unwitting fondness for déjà vu to initially anaesthetise us before letting us see how empty our lives are.

His work has an addictive and seductive quality that is sticky and enjoyably toxic. Perfect for our consumption and ultimately our contamination. His is a brand for who we would gladly sell our souls!


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< Von HUgo by Anthony Lycett for 'Self.Styled'